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hands-down impressive story 🙂

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Last November announced the launch of our WordAds program, whereby sites can partner and share revenues on ads sold and managed by Since its beta launch, WordAds has grown to over ten thousand sites. WordAds has been a success because bloggers can focus on content and building their audiences while handing off the time-consuming role of advertising optimization to the WordAds team.

Today, we’re launching a new homepage for the WordAds program: Here, you will find our application page as well as FAQs and a discussion forum. Moreover, most sites can now launch WordAds on their site within days of application.

To celebrate the successful launch of WordAds, we sat down to interview one of the program’s first sites at Not every WordAds site has the visitor volume to earn significant revenue, but sites that work to develop their audience can now earn good…

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What is “Next”

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I’m starting my thesis research and writing so I’ll probably do a lot of research over the background and I’ll be really busy then, which is sad.

Let’s get started to our two main points:

Creation ~> Improvement after the concept of the idea being developed… The goal is to create it

Direction ~> We’re suppose to head to during this step, another synonym to goal


Just like the idea of abstraction through the idea…

More update to this since there… I hope.


Say Hello

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My greetings to everyone, I’d like to say hello

Every time and moments we have the dreams to reach the sky

Just to keep it short we all need to know;

Just a way for destiny to set two people to meet and intertwine

Towards each aim to success as we dare do strive

Seeking adventures just to keep every moment to reach them high

Maybe just fate as its way to say hello

moments like we want ourselves to shine

Like the feeling that you’re awaiting for a piece of mail to arrive