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Drill of Reaction

In Uncategorized on July 26, 2013 at 5:33 am

As dawns at trials we have thwarted and faced.

Judgments continued but my doubts were unfazed

A lesson I’ve held since I held either a pair batons or sticks

Survival was the key as those gatherer-hunters from smashing bricks

I won’t fear the weapon, as parries land with the live hand slide

Parry and strike then move to the side

Feast upon the flurry of punches and the taste of my blade

Sweep the floor then watch the weapon fade

False Pretenses serve their turn, moments are clicking ever since moments are being sacrificed for new pieces.

Now the talk is about the new.

These colors depleted, as blinding lights appeared at the skies.

Everything I needed was when you held on to my hand,

As opaque base black scattered my eyes

You were there when I needed to stand

The colors conflicted though they were there I saw them whole

You’ve shown me a million colors

Like shooting those movies, with a hundred takes

Let’s be honest, let’s be frank; it’s so easy to commit mistakes,

Yet so deep, though so difficult to forgive these things